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A good choice for your health - Torrevieja

A good choice for your health - Torrevieja

WHO has chosen the climate in Torrevieja, one of the healthiest to live in the world. Torrevieja's climate is not only healthy due to the sun and the highest average temperature in Spain, but also because of the salt content in the air. The two largest salt lakes in Europe, named Salinas, create a healthy climate. In addition, swimming in the lakes is believed to improve arthritis, treat asthma, and alleviate skin diseases and rheumatism. Both the lakes' water and the mud are very mineral-rich, which is why many bathe there.

World-class healthcare

According to Bloomberg's recent study, Spanish healthcare is the third best in the world after Singapore and Hong Kong. The criteria used for the study were expected life expectancy and economy. The Torrevieja Hospital was rewarded by JCI (Joint Commission International) as the second best in Valencia and Spain's fourth best hospital. The certificate awarded to the Torrevieja hospital in Spain is limited to a total of three public hospitals and the rest are private. For this certificate, emphasis is placed on safety and quality, a total of 1200 factors are being studied and it is one of the world's most respected healthcare recognitions.

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