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360Hometour and Crape LKV start collaboration in Finland

360Hometour and Crape LKV start collaboration in Finland

Now it is even easier, to sell in Finland and buy from Spain with only ONE agency.

360Hometour.net and Crape LKV have started co-operating in the sale of Spanish homes in the Finnish metropolitan area. The purpose of the cooperation is to provide customers with an easier and simpler way to acquire their own apartment in Spain.

"We have customers who want to first sell their home in Finland buying their home in Spain." We wanted to offer our customers an easy way to act and what would be easier than working with one agency for both transactions, "says Seppo Valkonen from 360Hometour.

Crape Oy CEO Alexander Wilhelmsson sees the importance of co-operation in the future "Now we also have to offer our customers a new interesting option when larger apartments are being sold, why not invest a portion of the revenue in Spain?".

"Today, there are a number of different routes and options to acquire homes abroad, but knowing and finding a reliable partner has been a challenge. From the point of view of customers, there is a great risk and time pressure when making decisions while traveling abroad or getting the necessary information from abroad to make a decision to buy. Now we have a one-stop shop where two Finnish-owned companies are able to provide information and present apartments already in Finland prior to their departure. In co-operation with 360Hometour, we are able to present the apartments giving virtual tours at our offices in Helsinki and at the same time discuss possible financing needs of our customers. We are able to provide customers with a comprehensive solution, after which the decision to buy an apartment in Spain will be easier, "says Alxander and continues "For many buying a house in Spain, at least in part means investing, we also have the opportunity to go through the alternative calculations and how the apartment will be located regarding the local rental market, and our cooperation with Handelsbanken will make it possible for the client to already have a financing decision when to leave for a visit.

Housing prices in Spain have been increasing for a long time, but prices are still far from the prices of the peak years. This co-operation enables the customer to have a chance to familiarize themselves with suitable housing projects, for example at Crape's office, and discuss various options and their travel arrangements. Housing presentations will be made by 360Hometour on site in Costa Blanca, Spain, as well as assistance in the realization of housing transactions and the related paperwork.

"Crape Oy's brokers have experience in the Spanish market and on how to make home sales in Spain, and Crape was a natural choice for us as a partner in the Greater Helsinki area." We look forward to future cooperation and surely it will best serve our customers, "Seppo concludes.

When you want the best housing service, Crape LKV and 360Hometour are your choice.