Buying a house in Spain? Having a home in Spain may be closer than you think. Buying a home is easy with 360HomeTour

Costa Blanca´s Airports are Alicante (ALC) or Murcia (MJV). Alicante's airport is on the east coast of Spain, nine kms from City of Alicante to south. Murcia's airport is near Mar Menor in San Pedro, 60 kms south-west from Alicante or 30 kms south from city of Murcia.

How to reach the destination from airport?

From Alicante's airport is bus route to/from Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa in summer time. Many visitors uses local taxis or shuttles. Car renting possibilities are excellent in all airports.

What shall I do when I have decided to buy a new property in Costa Blanca, Spain?

When our Customer has decided to buy a new property we will do first pre-contract and deposit document at the construction company's office. During this meeting the customer shall pay the first part of total sum what is normally about 3000 euros. Payment schedules varies between construction companies. Normally in one month after the first payment customer shall pay 20-50% of total sum. Before final payment and a property document (escritura) & key cession, construction company may ask 20-30% payment

When customer has found a proper property, the customer pays a deposit what is normally 3000 euros or 5-10% of total sale. The rest of price will be paid when sale documents will become signed at notary office. We advise that normally it the best way that a solicitor or a lawyer take care of buying process. The process may take 1-3 months, but the result will be excellent. Our personnel will be with buyer all the time.

Should buyer remain in Spain during buying process?

Our recommendation is that buyer gives a proxy or a power of attorney to a solicitor or a lawyer so the said solicitor can make all other necessary contracts with other parties such as electric or water suppliers.

How much are the costs of buying an apartment in Spain?

In Spain, purchasing an apartment involves costs that need to be taken into account when planning and budgeting for buying a dream home. Purchases are always added to the dwelling sales price and are in used dwellings about 10-11% and in new homes about 12-13% depending on the value of the dwelling.

Examples of purchasing costs:

  • 10% Spanish Value Added Tax (VAT) in new homes
  • 10% transfer tax on used dwellings
  • In addition, about 3% is to be allocated to the following costs
  • Notary fees
  • Registration fees
  • Agency or other expert services in matters relating to the notary and other housing purchases
  • Changes in the Electricity Contract
  • Changes in the Water Agreement
  • Tax of 1% in new apartments

What are the reocurring costs of ownership of an apartment in Spain and how are they handled?

For reocurring current expenses, an extensive local bank account is required. In Torrevieja and the nearby area, there are a number of banks, who are happy to help our customers. In these banks, it is easy to open a bank account and other necessary banking services such as direct debit payments. These fees include:

  • Water and electricity; sometimes gas
  • SUMA (property tax + waste fee)
  • Community subscription fee
  • possibly Internet and / or satellite TV charges
  • housing insurance premiums

How do I get a mortgage loan in Spain?

From a Spanish bank, a foreigner can get a home loan of 50-70% of the bank's estimated market price of the apartment. The apartment will act as a security for the loan. Banks will check that any previous housing loans and debts have been handled before the new owner issues a notarial contract.

For the loan, the applicant must submit:

  • passport
  • NIE number or resident card
  • the last three pay slips
  • tax certificate or pension certificate
  • details of any other loans
  • information about wealth and investments
  • information about the company and its output if the buyer is a commercial entity

I want to introduce my friends my new apartment - how can I do it most easily?

We provide you free of charge for a year on our web site at www.360hometour.net the presentation material. This way, you can easily present your new home with our quality content directly from our website or link to your desired online service, for example, if you want to rent your home privately.

How to explore homes - on-line or on-site?

The best way to get to know the property is to go to a trip to Spain. Even though you've seen 360Hometour.net's spectacular and realistic 360-image views, the final purchase decision and feel is often only on the spot.

The purpose of our online service is to give you a realistic picture of the area and the dwellings so that we can get to know the right types of places right from the start. If you want, we can handle all the arrangements for you, including flights, accommodation and airport transfers in Spain, as well as getting to know the property. We will make a scheduled travel plan for you so that you can also plan your travel for another program. During the journey, we are proactively responding to your accommodation criteria.

When we are in charge, we will carefully take care of all the issues related to the purchase of the apartment, and especially we will go through the apartment as well as possible. If you are interested in getting to know the Spanish residences, please contact us by phone or email.

I want to change my apartment - can 360hometour.net help you change your home?

We will add to our home pages www.360hometour.net information about the possibility of changing in the description and as well the desired change range. If you want to change your Spanish apartment to another, it can be done with our help.

How does 360hometour support their customers after a deal?

We will serve you in all matters relating to your purchase and afterwards to adaptation to life and holidays under the Spanish sun. You will also receive assistance through, for example, alteration of your apartment. Through our services and with our partners, we cover all stages of the living life cycle, for example:

  • Decorating of the apartment (eg furniture and household appliances)
  • Electrical and plumbing services (air conditioners, electrical work, plumbing)
  • Construction work (repairs, new buildings, terrace tents)
  • Architectural services (architectural and licensing services if required by alteration work)
  • Rental, cleaning and inspection services
  • purchase and sale transactions
  • Motor cycle storage and other storage services for example during renovations

What kind of company is 360Hometour.net?

The company is Finnish and owned by its´ employees. Our mission is to provide you with quality service and to support you in the purchase of your dream home helping you all the way throughout its entire lifecycle.

We want to provide information as accurate as possible about both the target area and the dwellings, as our main idea is to introduce the whole living environment and not just the houses. We strive to respond to the most pressing questions occurring before the sales process, so that you can rest assured you are going to purchase exactly what you want.

Discover our destinations with our high-quality panoramic 360-degree panoramas. This makes it easier to see the apartment before the actual exploration trip.

Our company is also represented at different housing and tourism fairs in different countries.

How are 360Hometour.net services different - how does it differ from others?

We strive to focus on quality rather than quantity. In other words, we will carefully pick and choose our properties. We are looking for presentable and desirable apartments for our range of clients. The use of Property Watch -tool indicates us the types of properties that may interest our customers and customers will receive information accordingly. We aim to capture all the properties with high quality panoramic images so that our customers can better understand the suitability of homes for their own preferences already in advance. We also provide comprehensive coverage of the target areas, as our basic idea is to provide quality and functional holiday and longer-term living, not just properties.

We are also trying to bring the good practices of real estate sales from Scandinavia to Spain. This means dwellings-specific showings and "mini-fairs", which elaborate for example various types of housing issues such as central heating, glazing and various types of alteration works in addition to properties

How do I get the best information about new residential properties, offers and events in the targeted areas?

By following our Facebook pages you will get up-to-date information on our interesting destinations in Spain. You can also get news by subscribing to our mailing list and our Property Watch service.

How do I rent my Spanish property while I am away?

Through our rental service you can put your own Spanish apartment for rent and we offer a home care service to help you with it. Ask more details by phone or email.

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